Cyr Wheel Shows

Watch our Cyr Wheel Acts Trailers:

The LED Cyr Wheel brings the bold elegance of the Cyr Wheel into a vibrant new realm. Our latest system is fully programable!  We may now create custom sequences which cater to event themes and music in vivid new ways.

The Fire Cyr Wheel fuses the daring and grace of the Cyr Wheel with the majesty of fire.  Srikanta is one of only three Artists in the world to perform this act.  Show your audience something they’ve never imagined!

See our Cyr Wheel Acts Photos:

Fusion Arts LED Cyr Wheel & Fire Cyr Wheel Acts have been performed at private parties and corporate events in Malta, Dubai, Qatar, Istanbul, India, South Korea, Nigeria, the USA and at events across Europe.  Both are Fusion Arts’ exclusive designs.

Our cyr wheel acts are performed by ex Cirque du Soleil’s Srikanta Barefoot.  He is based in France and available to perform worldwide.  Group Cyr Wheel Acts are available upon request.

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