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Ex Cirque du Soleil Artist Srikanta Barefoot

has developed a dance-based style of light dance which fuses manipulation with full-body movement and dance. Since leaving the Cirque du Soleil, Srikanta & Jen direct, choreograph & perform Fusion Arts Light Dance Shows.  Fully programmable props allow us to adapt to event themes and display virtually any graphic image, including company names and corporate logos.


Light Dance Solo
New Act Featuring Pixel Staffs & Programmable LED Cube!

Light Dance Duo
*Act Video Coming Soon

Light Dance Quartet
*Act Video Coming Soon

Let us create a Custom Fire Dance Show for your event!

In addition to our pre-choreographed solo, duo & 4-person acts, we can provide larger group and Custom Light Dance Shows upon request.  We enjoy applying our years of expertise in choreographing group acts (Cirque du Soleil/ Samsung/ Republic of Malta 40th/ G20 2013) to create bespoke shows which celebrate the theme & spirit of events.

Fusion Arts’ Light Dancers are based in France & available to perform worldwide.

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